Virtual IP Woes!

I wanted to write about a problem I had recently with the virtual IP address of a Cisco WLC. The IP address had been in use for years with no issues. It was addressed in the 12.x.x.x subnet and was actually a real IP address for one of our external websites. I had read in … Continue reading Virtual IP Woes!

Slow WiFi

One day I received an email stating one of our warehouses had very slow WiFi. As a matter of fact, the WiFi was never any good. After following up with the customer, I decided to go to Prime Infrastructure and view any historical data from the AP3702s that were installed in the warehouse. Right away … Continue reading Slow WiFi

IT/OT Convergence and WiFi

Today I thought I would share some ideas around IT/OT Convergence and WiFi. IT/OT Convergence involves the idea of sharing common network resources in an effort to decrease the management burden and costs normally associated with operating two separate networks while maintaining the same level of security (or keeping it as high as possible). IT … Continue reading IT/OT Convergence and WiFi

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